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Mouldings and Trim

Accentuate your interior design with decorative accents.

Choose from Burt Lumber's extensive variety of moulding profiles and trims to find precisely what you need to match any style.


Wood details can add a degree of rich, historical flavor to any home. By giving character to walls and clearly defining each space, ornate trimwork and moulding can serve as the ultimate design statement in a room.

Burt Lumber carries a wide selection of colors and styles designed to fit all needs. Whether your preference is classic crown, PVC, wainscot cap, or finger jointed moulding, our inventory is built to suit any custom project.

Upgrades to your home need not be complex, or ultra-expensive. By framing a room, mouldings typically enhance the width, depth, and height of the existing trim—especially when painted the same color as the walls, creating a unified presence.

As with all of our specialty products and services, Burt Lumber's expert staff is eager to provide any additional guidance you may need in selecting the style of mouldings and trim best suited to your interior space.

For details regarding materials and pricing, contact Burt Lumber at 631.421.4444, or visit our full-service lumberyard at 51 West Hills Road in Huntington Station.

"I don't know why I had been procrastinating getting a few necessities at the lumberyard but my first trip for supplies was very pleasant. Upon entering I was happily greeted by the staff who were all very helpful, welcoming and friendly... I feel like such a fool putting it off and so glad I went to Burt's."

Denise A. Melville, NY

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