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Sheds & Barns

Burt's Better Built Barns. Since 1972.

Attractive Designs + Quality Materials + Sound Engineering = Unbeatable Value

Whether you’re in the market for a full installation, or are looking to take on a DIY weekend project, Burt Lumber can price and design a barn or shed specially customized to fit your unique property and particular lifestyle.

Our knowledgeable staff will provide you with the basic blueprints, any materials and guidance you may need, along with a recommendation for a reputable installer who can help to turn your backyard structure into a fully functioning facility. 

Most models allow for the installation of standard size doors and windows, as well as the addition of siding and shingles, shutters, insulation, interior wall treatments, ramps, electric, and plumbing. 

By using a foundation of solid concrete blocks, you can ensure the flooring of your shed sits above ground, establishing a stability similar to that of residential housing. 

For details regarding materials and pricing, contact Burt Lumber at 631.421.4444, or visit our full-service lumberyard at 51 West Hills Road in Huntington Station.

The Best Service the Best Quality!! When you need building supplies they truly know how to help you and guide you for best results. A great experience.

Ana T.