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September 28 2018

Lumber Suppliers

What Is a Lumberyard?

A lumberyard houses, manufactures, customizes and sells a broad variety of wood and other building materials, products, services and supplies for home improvement, renovation and construction projects.

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    A lumberyard is a site where wood and other building materials are manufactured, processed, stored and sold for use in various construction and home improvement projects.

    Replete with a wide range of products for a vast array of purposes, a typical lumberyard's inventory can consist of immense supplies of wooden boards, planks, studs, doors, paneling, fencing, lattice, siding, roofing, decking, moulding, trim, plywood, and other types of millwork.

    These are typically organized by size, wood type, and purpose, stacked and stored for retail sale on pallets and/or shelving, with inventories often piled high and sectioned into numerous rows. Employees of the lumberyard assist customers in identifying the proper items for their particular job or project, and can also custom-cut specific pieces to match the required dimensions. 

    In that sense, lumberyards additionally serve as useful resource centers for homeowners, contractors, architects, designers, developers and builders to peruse a wide variety of construction-related products and services, inspect specific examples, and learn about the best merchandise and optimal procedures for completing their tasks and achieving their goals. 

    Many lumberyards, besides the aforementioned custom cutting, also offer other associated services, such as measurements, quotes, carpentry advice, and deliveries—either to customers' homes or job sites. Some even provide comprehensive project management and customization, from analyzing blueprints to actually helping outline and strategize entire projects. 

    The following is a brief list of some of the many interior and exterior construction and home improvement items commonly found within a lumberyard:

    Interior Products Exterior Products
    • Mouldings & Trim
    • Custom Millwork
    • Flooring
    • Doors
    • Stairs & Railings
    • Decking
    • Framing
    • Millwork
    • Windows & Doors
    • Siding
    • Roofing
    Burt Lumber has been supplying homeowners, contractors, developers, architects and designers with high-quality construction and home improvement supplies for nearly 80 years.

    Besides housing, manufacturing and selling a vast assortment of wood and construction-related products, our full-service lumberyard is staffed with a friendly and knowledgeable team of specialists dedicated to ensuring each and every customer achieves his or her building, renovation, or home improvement dreams.

    Regardless of your project's size or unique specifications, we treat our customers like family, and strive for perfectionwhether by providing advice, helping select hardware and supplies, assisting in planning and execution, custom cutting and custom projects, or ensuring each and every required product is delivered safely and expeditiously.

    Our lumberyard is so much more than merely the place to go when seeking the right wood and equipment for a job. It is that extraordinarily rare gathering site of homeowners, builders, developers, contractors, and architects, all envisioning spectacular projects, where construction and home improvement dreams are shared, discussed, strategized, and ultimately, executed.

    We provide building supplies for every job, no matter the size, and possess the experience, knowledge, passion and care you simply won't find anywhere else. Contact us today.

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