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August 20 2018

Wood Paneling Interior Building Supplies

Popular Wood Paneling Styles

Wood paneling can add color, comfort, and character to any room. Several popular styles include: board & batten, shiplap, reclaimed wood, and tongue & groove.

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    Wildly popular from the 1950s through the 1970s, wood paneling has been making a serious comeback. This decorative interior design option can significantly enhance the look and feel of any room by infusing walls and even ceilings with time-tested style.

    Available in a wide variety of textures and colors, wood paneling can add a natural warmth and richness to any space, along with that depth of comfort only experienced when you're truly at home.

    Besides providing a decorative touch at an affordable price, wooden paneling is also easy to install, long-lasting, perfect for insulation and soundproofing, extremely versatile, easily painted or stained, and customizable to match any range of motifs. 

    Several popular wood paneling styles include:



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    Board & Batten

    This multi-dimensional paneling style features wide vertical boards joined by narrow strips, known as battens. The heights and diameters of these can vary, depending on the intended design, shape, pattern and room—with bathrooms, dining rooms and entryways popular settings.       




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    Shiplap paneling consists of a series of overlapping wooden boards with interlocking grooves, called rabbets, at either end. These are often arranged horizontally and commonly associated with nautical themes and structures, such as the exterior woodwork patterns of boats, seaside cottages, and shipyard sheds. Shiplap paneling is popular for its rustic tone, customizable arrangements, and storied origins as the shared design of handcrafted wooden ships. 


    Reclaimed Wood 


    Reclaimed wood paneling is exactly that—aged wooden planks, boards or lumber repurposed from any assortment of previous structures or uses, and reincarnated to add new life and character to a home or business. Renowned for its durability and distinction—typically wearing the dents, dings, scratches and weathering to prove it—reclaimed wood paneling integrates one-of-a-kind uniqueness into any room or building, new or old.


    Tongue & Groove


    This popular paneling option describes boards and planks featuring protruding ridges, or "tongues," and corresponding recessed receiving grooves along its sides and edges that interlock to create tightly seamed joints. These intricate fittings form strong bonds between each adjacent piece, holding one another in place similar to the symbiotic interconnections of a jigsaw puzzle. Tongue and groove paneling can include vertical or horizontal seams, and a wide spectrum of designs and patterns.    

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