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Exterior Building Supplies Fencing

Fencing: Function & Form for All Purposes

Published by Burt Lumber Jun. 04. 2019

From creating borders to providing aesthetics and privacy, fencing serves many purposes depending upon the property and materials used during construction.

Exterior Building Supplies Sheds

Everything You Need to Know About Sheds

Published by Burt Lumber May. 08. 2019

Sheds range in style, composition and purpose. Learn about the various materials, maintenance concerns, pros and cons, and more, in this useful explainer.

Lumber Suppliers Seasonal Home Prep

Spring Into Home Improvements This Season

Published by Burt Lumber Apr. 03. 2019

The spring season brings with it numerous interior and exterior home projects in desperate need of attention, as homeowners begin to refresh and refurbish in preparation for warmer weather.

Flooring Interior Building Supplies

Vinyl Flooring: Stylish, Durable & Low Maintenance

Published by Burt Lumber Mar. 18. 2019

Vinyl flooring is gaining popularity due to its durability, versatility, aesthetics, and cost efficiency.

Flooring Interior Building Supplies

Engineered Wood, a Viable Flooring Alternative

Published by Burt Lumber Feb. 28. 2019

Engineered wood flooring has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years due to its unique attributes, combining durability, water resistance, and aesthetic appeal, while also serving as an eco-friendly choice.

Flooring Interior Building Supplies

Most Popular Types of Tile Flooring

Published by Burt Lumber Feb. 19. 2019

Tile flooring options include slate, marble, granite, travertine, ceramic, porcelain and terracotta, among others, each embodying its own unique aesthetic, function and benefits.

Flooring Interior Building Supplies

Top Types of Wood Flooring

Published by Burt Lumber Feb. 06. 2019

Popular types of wood flooring include oak, mahogany, walnut, maple, pine, bamboo, and even cork.

Exterior Building Supplies Windows Doors

Burt Lumber Partners with Pella Windows & Doors

Published by Burt Lumber Jan. 28. 2019

Burt Lumber recently partnered with Pella Corporation, providing customers access to the residential and commercial window and door manufacturer's wide inventory of extraordinary products, to transform any project.

Flooring Interior Building Supplies

Now Trending: Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Published by Burt Lumber Jan. 08. 2019

Reclaimed wood flooring resurrects classic styles and character through salvaging and repurposing old timber, giving customers new, affordable, green remodeling options.

Flooring Interior Building Supplies

Durability Is Key to Determining Best Wood Flooring

Published by Burt Lumber Nov. 27. 2018

It is essential to evaluate durability when determining the best type of wood flooring. Bamboo, cork, hardwood and laminate are built to last, making them cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing options.

Lumber Suppliers Seasonal Home Prep

Winter Prep for Your Home

Published by Burt Lumber Nov. 05. 2018

Insulating windows and doors, closing vents, cleaning gutters and downspouts, weatherstripping drafty crevices, replacing furnace filters, and sealing your deck are just some of the interior and exterior home winter preparations to do before the cold weather arrives.

Lumber Suppliers Seasonal Home Prep

Prep Your Home for the Holidays

Published by Burt Lumber Nov. 03. 2018

Looking to prep your home for the holidays? Here are a few seasonal interior home improvement projects to try, from jazzing up your kitchen and maximizing your living space to refurbishing your mantel.

Exterior Building Supplies Decking

Differences in Decking: Wood vs. Composite

Published by Burt Lumber Oct. 23. 2018

While real wood and composite decking share several benefits, such as durability and aesthetics, they differ in cost and required level of upkeep, with the former typically less expensive and the latter easier to maintain.

Lumber Suppliers

What Is a Lumberyard?

Published by Burt Lumber Sep. 28. 2018

A lumberyard houses, manufactures, customizes and sells a broad variety of wood and other building materials, products, services and supplies for home improvement, renovation and construction projects.

Millwork Exterior Building Supplies Interior Building Supplies

Types of Millwork

Published by Burt Lumber Sep. 03. 2018

Millwork adds character, personality, and distinction to any interior or exterior space, and can transform doors, windows, railings, cabinets, columns and mantels into true, functional works of art.

Wood Paneling Interior Building Supplies

Popular Wood Paneling Styles

Published by Burt Lumber Aug. 20. 2018

Wood paneling can add color, comfort, and character to any room. Several popular styles include: board & batten, shiplap, reclaimed wood, and tongue & groove.

Exterior Building Supplies Decking

Benefits of Composite Decking

Published by Burt Lumber Aug. 06. 2018

A deck can add significant value and comfort to your home. Composite decking is a popular alternative to traditional, all-wood decks, and boasts several substantial benefits: eco-friendly, weather- and pest-resistant, low-maintenance, and super-durable.